What Is Black Mold?


A mold is a type of fungus: a microbial plant-like organism that does not use photosynthesis to produce food, instead obtains it food directly from its surroundings. There are thousands of known species of mold. It is estimated there are equally as many species yet to be identified. Mold spores are microscopic (2-10 u m) and are naturally present in both indoor and outdoor air. Molds reproduce by means of spores.


We install attic vents and clear out soffits

Bathroom Moisture

We run new bathroom piping to stop moisture


80% of our attic jobs involve fixing improper insulation


Smart Mold uses the most advanced anti-bacterial fungicides currently on the market. Our range consists of Commercial & Medical grade fungicides. We have also a green product that is becoming more popular for those who prefer to stay from harsh chemicals.


We care deeply about our customers and our staff. As a family owned business, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. We would want your experience to be a reminder of what an organization wrapped around faith and family looks like.


Our operation is wrapped around a core belief that we have to earn your business. We offer competitive rates that NEVER sacrifice on quality. Your health and safety is always our primary concern. We are OSHA certified which exceeds current requirements in the state.

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Smart Advantage:

+10 year Transferable Warranty
+95% of our attic mold jobs are due to bad prior insulation jobs, We now offer Premium Attic Insulation Services
+Licensed Remediation Company
+​Rebuilding crews offering FREE ESTIMATES!

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