Common Black Mold Symptoms

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Black molds (Stachybotrys chartarum) is among the most dangerous types of molds to human beings, and it’s a greenish-black fungus that colonizes dry wall, ceiling tiles, thermal insulation, carpet among other high cellulose materials. The conditions for its growth are in humid areas, and they release toxins that lead to serious health symptoms.

The exposure to the toxins can be fatal to people across all ages with compromised immune systems and has different Black Mold Symptoms on those who are healthy. Its exposure can be through direct contact with the mold or breathing contaminated air. When wet, the fungus does not pose a risk by breathing it, and it’s only fatal when the mold dries up.

Symptoms of Black Mold infections

·Immune suppression
·Sinus and nasal congestion
·Difficulty in breathing and wheezing
·Skin irritation with rashes
·Allergies with signs of runny nose and itchy eyes

For those who have a long period of exposure from the black mold toxins, the Black Mold Symptoms may vary from with those who are recently exposed, and they are;

·Weight loss
·Memory loss
·Decline in eye sight
·Nerves failure leading to numbness mainly in the limbs

Other categories of infection are from people who have a higher risk of infections more than others, and they include those with, various mold allergies, hay fever, chronic pulmonary, and asthma. In children, the exposure to the black mold toxins may consequently lead to asthma which can be a long term ailment.

The step to eliminate molds is to identify the causes of the infestation and the conditions that they thrive. Repair to problems that lead to moisture is a good start. However, there are alternative solutions to these;

·Hang wet clothing out in the open to dry and if you need to hang them indoors, then ensure the rooms are well ventilated and that is by opening the windows.
·Install extractor fans in the areas that are prone to humidity and they should vent directly outside the building.
·Use dehumidifiers and their purpose is to blow dry air in the vent , into the building and after absorbing the moisture, it then sucks it out
·Fixing any leaking pipes , windows and roofs

With the provided information of the Black Mold Symptoms, it confirms that the fungi is a serious health risk to humans. The task of cleaning molds can trigger health complications in people and so you need the proper knowledge on how to do it safely. Call an expert to determine the extent of mold infestation and to test the type of mold in your environment.


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