Fight Mold Naturally with Essential Oils

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If your medicine cabinet has an array of prescribed antifungal medication, chances are that you have unhealthy levels of mold build-up within your house. The dumpy in-house atmosphere, strange odor, and tarnished furniture fabrics, as well as curtains and clothes in the closet, are all signs of mold attack. This isn’t something that you should take lightly because mold is associated with health complications such as:

• Respiratory ailments.
• Cough.
• Idiopathic hemorrhage.
• Memory loss and lathery.

Essentially, mold thrives in moist in-house conditions. You can fight mold by investing in home dehumidifiers. Besides this, you need to repair leaky roofs and pipes. Seal the gaps between window and door frames in addition to ventilating your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry area. There is also the option of fighting mold naturally with essential oils.

Cinnamon Oil

This oil is extracted from Ceylon cinnamon leaf together with an active ingredient known as Eugenol. Medicinal cinnamon oil with 7- 9% of this active ingredient eradicates 80% of in-house molds. Subsequently, spraying your house with cinnamon oil that’s 75% Eugenol has the potency to eradicate mold completely.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is another effective natural weapon used for fast eradication of mold. The oil attains this feat by blocking the spores through which mold takes in the oxygen it needs for cellular functions. Being fungus species, molds don’t rely on carbon dioxide to synthesize food – explaining why they thrive in dark moist corners of the house.

Thyme Oil

What makes these essential oils fascinating is that they are environmentally friendly and vital to human health but deadly on molds. For example, thyme oil is a healthy cooking additive. You can apply thyme oil on your skin to attain a smooth and glowing look. However, its active ingredient known as Thymol is scientifically proven to be effective against viruses and molds.

Tea Tree Oil

Another highly effective way to eradicate mold naturally is with the help of the tea tree oil’s active ingredient known as terpinen-4-ol. The oil is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia – a tree mostly found in Australia. The tree’s sap is 15% α-pinene and α-terpineol. When combined together by the oil’s molecules, none of the 100,000 species of molds can survive this oil’s potency.


In conclusion, it’s important to mix these oils in right proportions with either water or other substances to attain long-lasting results. Call an expert mold remover who understands these oils with regard to mold removal and forever stand a victor in your war against in-house mold build-up.


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