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Of all bacteria, fungi, and grime types, mold is one of the most interesting and intriguing topics. There are so many different varieties of mold that we are still scraping the surface in regards to knowing everything about them all.

Did you know that there are so many types of mold, both toxic and non-toxic that encapsulate an entire spectrum from dangerous to medicinal and beneficial?

There is more to mold than meets the eye. More people than ever before, want to know about household mold removal. Black mold and other toxic varieties of mold can cause all manner of health issues, so it’s important to know more about mold. Here are 10 things you should know about mold

Mold removal

There are over 100,000 types of mold

At the time of writing, there are over 100,000 varieties of mold. Their environment causes different variants. You could say they are ‘molded’ by their living conditions. Outdoor and indoor varieties are different and were created this way due to the differing levels of moisture and humidity they were subjected to.

Toxic molds are categorized

Did you know that the most dangerous toxic molds are split into five separate categories? Here are the five most toxic mold varieties in the world:

• Stachybotrys (black mold)
• Penicillium
• Cladosporium
• Fusarium
• Aspergillus

The most dangerous toxic mold

Stachybotrys is one of, if not the, most toxic mold type in the world and is usually referred to as black mold.’ If you ingest or inhale black mold, it can be very dangerous and lead to major respiratory problems. If you are exposed to black mold over a longer period, it can have serious and dangerous effects on your health.

Potential negative health effects of toxic mold

Even though most molds are not as toxic as black mold, prolonged exposure to many varieties of toxic mold can lead to many health problems and health complaints. Here are some of the symptoms you could experience after being exposed to toxic mold:
• coughing
• wheezing
• stuffy nose
• runny nose
• red eyes
• itchy skin or eyes
• sore or itchy throat
• nosebleeds

Some molds are really good for you

Did you know that some molds are good for you? Did you know that the miracle medicine Penicillin is made from mold? Lovastatin and Cyclosporine are two more medicines that were made from mold and fungi varieties. Although mold sometimes gets a bad rap, it can also be used for good.

Mold can thrive in even clean homes

Even in clean homes, mold can grow and flourish. It’s not about the cleanliness of your house, but more about the humidity and moisture and how you combat those issues.

Mold needs water to exist

Moisture and humidly are the main causes of mold. Here are some tips to reduce the humidity in your home if you are experiencing mold growth:

• Make sure you vent your bathrooms and other moisture rich areas
• Install air-conditioning and de-humidifiers
• Increase the use of ventilation throughout your home
• Make better use of exhaust fans when cooking, cleaning or washing dishes

Mold can damage your property

Mold growth can have cause massive damage to your property over a long-term period if not tackled. The presence of mold, especially in your air-conditioning, can affect the airflow and air quality in your home. Mold feeds on organic materials such as wood, types of glue, fabrics, and paper. Left alone, your property can be seriously damaged. And the smell can be horrendous.

Mildew and mold are the same but different

Did you know that both mold and mildew are part of the fungus family? Even though they seem like very different substances, they are both very similar to one another. However, mildew is much easier to clean and eradicate, unlike mold.

Mold Remediation
Pink coloring is molding

Mold is all colors of the rainbow

We get the misconception that mold is dull in terms of coloring and only comes in varying shades of black and green. This is not the case. Mold comes in all the colors of the rainbow from black to white, orange, and everything in between.

If you need to tackle mold in your home and seek information on mold removal, black mold is one of the most dangerous, although some are non-toxic and used as medicines. Now you know more about mold and its thousands of varieties, you are better equipped to combat these issues in your home.


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