Signs Of Mold Contamination

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Mold is something every one of us has to deal with during the year. It most often attacks our health and our homes during spring or fall. During those seasons, the temperature and amount of humidity in the air combine to create the ideal scenario for mold growth. But it can strike even before that. To recognize if the right time to start worrying about mold you need to know possible signs of mold contamination.

The easiest way to notice mold is by our very own senses. If you sense a stale sense of smell each time you enter a room, it is probably a sign that mold has started to spread around that part of your home. The best way to identify mold is by seeing it. Mold usually resides in the corners of your house. It will form black sports around the wall. Mold can also be dark green or brown, depending on the kind of mold you are dealing with. But not all dark spots that smell stale are mold. The final test to be completely sure that you are dealing with mold, and not some other fungi or parasite is by feeling its texture. Mold should have a soft, slimy feel to them.

Sometimes the rest of your body will tell you that you have mold before your eyes or your nose starts to notice it. Mold carries with itself a whole set of health problems, some like poisoning can be very dangerous for your life. If you start experiencing sudden attacks of dry cough when you are sitting in a particular room in your house, that could very well mean that mold and its spores especially have started to roam around your house. The whole respiratory tract is the part of your body that is most under attack from the mold. Your nose could get runny or stuffy, at times spores can so irritate your nose that it will start to bleed. Those of us who already have respiratory issues like asthma will face even more severe symptoms of mold exposure. Their sinuses might get inflammation, or they might get strong, unbearable headaches. Longer exposure to mold and its toxin called Mycotoxin can cause even more serious risks for your health such as pain, cramps, and numbness in your extremities.

If you start experiencing any one of these symptoms, or if you have noticed mold around your home, be sure to contact a professional near you. They are your best option when trying to rid your home of mold once and for all.


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