Top 3 Things Mold Needs to Grow

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The Mold is common in many homes. It spreads as easily as it arrives. Sometimes it is impossible to get rid of it. But you can try your hardest to let it expend. This will minimize the damage it will bring inside your home. To fight mold growth you need to know what are the essential conditions that allow mold to grow. That is why we bring you top 3 things mold needs to grow.

  • Water

Moisture is probably the most important factor when it comes to mold expansion. During rainy days, it is hard to keep your walls dry enough to stop mold from spreading. But there are still things you can do. Try to protect your outside walls with more insolation. You can also try to dry out your walls from the inside using your air conditioning. A dehumidifier can also be helpful when you are trying to reduce humidity inside your home. During colder days, mold can appear under your windows if your insolation is good enough. Drops of water will form around the glass and slide down to the wall. Mold will start to form and expend around your windows. That is why airing out your house, no matter the season is important.

  • Time to develop

Like everything else in nature, it takes time for mold to form and spread. Even if you don’t see it around your walls, the root could already be forming. On average it takes mold a few days, 3 to 4 to start showing its black stains around your lovely home. Naturally, the time it needs to start wreaking havoc on your home and health greatly depends on the weather conditions, as well as the state your walls are in. In colder weather, with a lot of wind, it will probably take less time to start showing around your home.

  • The right weather conditions

The ideal scenario for mold is when the right temperature, around 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, meets enough humidity, usually over 40%. It will thrive in those conditions. But it can also do damage in others. Cold air hurts mold, but it doesn’t make for impossible conditions. there are sorts of mold that can survive pretty successfully even in colder, freezing temperatures. Airing out your walls during winter is probably the best thing you can do to stop mold from spreading. The cool ice will kill it off in most cases.


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